Mellower Coffee, for original good coffee

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Mellower Coffee, for original good coffee

Delicious coffees, with extra design and a twist. Mellower Coffee stretches the boundaries of creativity to deliver a totally unique experience.

A Shanghai must-go-to, Mellower Coffee has now set up home in Beijing (at last!) to satisfy all coffee lovers. Once inside, the laid back and relaxed atmosphere will take you over, bring you peace, and you won't ever want to leave! This journey continues through the menu, in which originality and creativity blend with the unique flavour of your drink. Their best-seller is definitely the Sweet Little Rain, candy floss hanging over your cup and transforming into a sugary rainfall with condensation. Signature drinks are what makes this place truly something else. For instance, try the hot chocolate with Bailey's or nut liquor, or the Japanese coffee with cherry blossoms for a magical and timeless break. Let your eyes wander in awe over the subtle aesthetics of your order and remember to snap a picture for the memory!

Mellower Coffee
1/F Building 1
Lancy Building
3 Dajiaoting Jie
Chaoyang District

+86 (0)10 5623 4368

Menu: around 50 CNY