Mojo, a restaurant in gold

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Mojo, a restaurant in gold

Italian cuisine remains a sought-after delicacy in the most modern capital in the world. Mojo offers a delicious gastronomic alternative to its select clientele...

In the heart of the Chaoyang district, Italy has taken up residence at Mojo's kitchen. This luxury gastro lounge, inspired by a British concept from the 80s, aiming to offer high quality gastronomy in a welcoming bar setting, delights the finest gourmets eager for new taste experiences.
While the interior of this upscale restaurant is adorned with gold leaf, from the shelves of the cellar to the bar counter, its kitchen is also a real treasure. Inside, three internationally-acclaimed Italian chefs place appetising pizzas in their wood-fired oven, cook pasta al dente and stuff handmade ravioli with foie gras. The sommelier will guide you, according to your taste, in choosing from one of the restaurant's 1,000 wines for the best possible experience. As the sun sets behind the skyline, the atmosphere awakens at nightfall and the music takes on electro overtones to make you dance until dawn…

Workers Stadium East Gate Road
Chaoyang District

+86 (0)10 0158 3880

Menu: from 125 CNY