Rurutu and the cave of the ogress

Rurutu and the cave of the ogress

Rurutu island, raised from the seabed by geological movement, has limestone caves on its shores whose bizarrely shaped columns have inspired legends.

To explore the maze of cliff-side caves on Rurutu island, curious explorers and speleologists only need to follow the guide! About thirty caves are therefore perched up above the ocean and hide spectacular thousand-year-old stalactites and stalagmites. Genuine natural treasures, their coral and volcanic walls sparkle when light shines through!

Caves often communicate, sink into the dried coral rock, and offer a route punctuated by dreamlike shapes or strange natural sculptures that free the imagination and arouse extravagant metaphors.

One Polynesian myths relates that ogress lived in the Ina cave: her long fingers and nails possess magical powers. The inhabitants of Rurutu are renowned for their basketry and weaving, especially mats. Their complicated interlacing is reminiscent of the underground network of the island, a mysterious and sacred world filled with ancient burial tombs.